Computer Cleanup

Remove junk files residing on your computer that might be the cause of your computer system slowing down. Defragment your hard disk. Remove old files often left behind by various windows operations. Clean and optimize your windows registry.

Standard Services

Clean, deodorize & sanitize; Wash floors; Clean mirrors; Clean, deodorize & sanitize toilets; Clean, sanitize & scrub showers, bathtubs, bath supplies, vanities, sinks, back-splashes, and change bathroom towels (providing clean towels are provided)

Clean/Wash floor; Clean appliances, counters, outside cabinets, tables & chairs; Clean, sanitize & scrubsinks; Clean range tops; Clean inside and outside of Microwave oven; Load the dishwasher

All Rooms
Clean, dust, vacuum, and freshen the air
Dust baseboards as needed
Dust windowsills and ledges
Dust frames and ornaments
Thoroughly Remove cobwebs
Dust lamps, furniture, Woodwork, and shelves
Vacuum and/or wash floors
Clean hardwood floors
Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
Make beds
Change Sheets on beds (providing clean sheets are left out on top of bed)

Virus and Spyware Removal

Is your computer performing slower than usual or has it been slowing down recently? Has your internet connection disappeared? Having issues with your Wi-Fi disconnecting? There is a strong possibility that you may have gotten infected with a computer Virus or had some spyware placed on your computer by an unscrupulous website on the Internet. Taking care of any type of these infections early on is detrimental in order to prevent any damage to your computer system and minimize the potential for any data loss.

Residential Cleaning Services

Cen Cal Solutions Cleaning Services brings an exceptional cleaning service to Kern County homes. Our wide-ranging housecleaning services has  more typical features included than any other service provider in the industry. Exceeding our all-inclusive cleaning routines we also give you the client the ability to fully customize your needs on any of our Service Packages. Our estimators are dedicated in assisting you on that process. We want you to have the service that is a precise match to your needs as part of our exceptional services.